Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My addiction to talking heads, the book I am reading, and other thoughts.

Not many people may know this, but I like to listen to Talk Radio...ALOT. During my 38.75 mile drive out to work (from my garage to my parking space that is, I still have to walk about 1/2 mile to get to the building.) I listen to Glenn Beck. When he goes to commercial, I switch over to Laura Ingram for a few seconds, and when she goes to commercial, I then turn on my ipod to listen to about 1-2 minutes of a song, while I wait for Glenn to come back on the air. I have his break times down pretty good, and while this might sound like a big ordeal to most people, I have my system down pat.

For the mornings that I am running late for work, if it is after 9, I will listen to Rush. He is not my favorite person to listen to, but he can be entertaining. Of course, Romey and the Jungle are finally back in the Tri-Cities, so it is a toss up. (Once again, I will do my switcheroo of talk show-talk show-ipod-and back to talk show routine.)

Then I have my drive home from work. If I decide to leave work early, I get to catch a little bit of Hannity. I really enjoy listening to him, because he gets so many calls from libs, and they get on the air, all ready to bust him in the chops. And then the inevitable happens. Hannity takes them down about as fast as Mike Tyson taking out Michael Spinks in 1988.

Since I don't "officially" get off of work until 4:30, I usually miss the Hannitizer. But that is when I get my fix from The Savage Nation. Michael Savage is great to listen to, because he just doesn't give a crap about what people think. I don't agree with everything that he says, but it still makes for good radio. He pretty much takes me home.

I would have to say though that out of all of the hosts, Glenn Beck is far and away my favorite. Right now I am reading his book, "An Inconvenient Book." It is one of the best non fiction books that I have read. I highly recommend it to everyone.

There is another book that I am waiting to arrive in the mail, and it is called "The Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes . I have heard several people say that it is a must read book. It is about the great depression (Yes, I know, it sounds SO exciting!) and how because of the actions of F.D.R., the depression lasted much longer than it really had to. You know how they say that History repeats itself? Well, it sounds like we are heading in the same direction right now that we did back in 1929.

OK, onto talking about the Boob Tube. While it is very ANNOYING not getting to watch new episodes of "The Office" on Thursday nights, I really could care less about the writers strike. When you have all these reality shows, who needs writers anyways? Lisa and I have started to watch "The Biggest Loser" on NBC. At first I wasn't down with watching, but when you sit down and see these people attack a stair stepper or treadmill the way they would normally attack a Double Double w/cheese, animal style, extra spread, (If you don't know who makes this particular burger, you are really missing out on a slice of heaven!) two orders of fries....and a DIET coke, it really is inspiring. These are people who want to change their lives. They want to live past 60. They want to see their kids grow up. I have a lot of respect for the person that can go on that show, and work their butts off...literally.

But alas, you always seem to have someone who has weaseled their way onto the show, and then fiddle fart around. The couple that got the boot last night falls into this category. The wife was there to shed the weight, and tried. Then you have her husband. This hefty soul tried to cheat wherever he could. It kinda pissed me off, and I can only imagine the 1000's of people who put in for the show, and didn't get on felt. If you watch the show, Lisa and I are rooting for the Orange team. They are doing the best so far, and it is because they are always at it.

Of course, American Idol is on at the same time, but that is fine by me. Ever since the Pineapple head who can't read won, I have lost interest. I don't even enjoy the morons that they get at the beginning anymore. It is time for Idol to go the way of other once good shows, and that is far, far away.

Well, if I still have anyone reading at this point, sorry for the long post. I have been meaning to post since last week, but haven't had the time. So you are getting it all today. Oh ya, one more thing. That egotistical Judge Hollenbeck in Kennewick deserves what he gets. I love how he apologizes, and then has the nerve to say that he was not doing it just because there has been an uproar over it, but because he felt bad. Good luck next time you are up for re-election buddy. One of these time I will tell you about how the justice system failed me, and he was at the center of it. Until then, enjoy you Wednesday Hump day!


Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

Donald..I actually laughed outloud at your "pineapple head" comment.
Oh, how I love you.