Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rednecks...They Aren't Just In The South Anymore

So yesterday at work I was showing one of my co-workers how to send YouTube clips via email.  You see, I am kind of the unofficial computer support technician for my fellow co-workers.  In fact, it has been said (Not only by the women at work, but by my lovely wife too.) that I cannot die any time soon, because if I did too many people would be inconvenienced by my passing.  Of course all they would have to do is go on over and visit my Uncle Mike and he would be able to answer any computer related questions, but I prefer staying alive to help personally.

OK, so there I was, showing her how to copy and paste the YouTube links into her email when I saw it: A video called "Completion of the new redneck roller coaster".  I must admit I was intrigued.  Rednecks and roller coasters sound like they could go good together.  Upon finishing my tutorial on the art of emailing links, my curiosity got the best of me and I checked out the link.

It was about what I was expecting.  Redneck had put a platform on top of his car, and through good ol' fashioned redneck ingenuity, rigged up a steering wheel, gas pedal, and shifter so they were able to drive the car....outside of the car.  After one redneck took his turn, he passed it off to his friend so he could take his turn to drive.  Redneck #2, who was sporting the gnarliest mullet I have ever seen (Imagine a man in his mid 40's who is going bald and has no hair on the front part of his head.  Now imagine that same man with hair down to his belly button.  You get the picture) hops right aboard and takes the "roller coaster" for a spin.

Now up to this point everything sounds pretty run of the mill redneck tomfoolery.  That is what I thought too...until I started to pay closer attention to the accent of these rednecks.  It wasn't a southern accent.  It was....Canadian?  I started the video over and turned the volume up.  Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed.  These were Canadian rednecks!!!

I was blown away.  I did not know that such a creature existed.  Instead of every sentence followed by an "ohm" it was followed by "eh".  Instead of drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer they were downing Labatt's beer. And instead of the Navy Jack flag being flown all over the place, they proudly flew a Union Jack flag.  (I don't quite get that one...are they trying to show the frenchies of Canada they prefer the England flag?  I might need to research that one.)  It was as if some rednecks from the south got lost many years back while riding their lawnmowers to the beer store and ended up north of the border, ran out of gas, and cross bred with some local Canadian folk.

I watched a few more videos, but after a while the fun wore off.  If I am going to spend my time watching videos on YouTube of rednecks, I am going to go with the red blooded American type.  The type that can turn a rake into a deluxe hot dog cooker.  The type that can flash fry a whole turkey in 20 seconds, pull it out, smother it with more butter batter, and fry it again.  You might have come a long way Mr. Canadian redneck, but you still pale in comparison to our homegrown model.

If you are as intrigued as I was, check out this hybrid species of redneck here.  And as a little enticement to get you to check out the rest of the Canadian redneck videos, here is a little sample:


The Yancey Family said...

Haha! You are funny! This made me laugh out loud! Especially the part about everyone being inconvenienced if you were to die! I always appreciate the mocking of rednecks too!

Moch said...

canadians are hilarious. lol. giving our rednecks some stiff competition.

dani said...

that was damn-near jeff fox"worthy", thedonald! lol, how about the confederate flag flying in the background:b

Lisa said...

Canadian rednecks, eh??? I never would have guessed.

Lisa said...

Oh yes, and please don't die. I also realized this week that I don't know how to change the lightbulb in the headlight of the van.



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