Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

To all of the women who read my blog that are Moms, I wish each and every one of your a Happy Mothers Day!

Especially to my dear Mother, who I put through a lot in my 30 years and 9 months on this planet. Thanks for everything Mom!

In fact, my Mom decided to write a blog about each of her children. I encourage you to go and read her blogs about me! You can find them here and here. Feel free to tell her what a pain it sounds like I was! :o)

Once again, Happy Mothers Day!


SuzanSayz said...

Thank you son. It's been quite the interesting thirty years and nine months. And thank you for sending new customers by way for my blog, hee hee.
Love Mom

Jan said...

Well Donald, that was a very thoughtful thing coming from one of the hometown boys. Thanks.. And I will have to check out your moms blog and also read the below post.

Hope you are treating Lisa to a wonderful day. I am sure you are.
Take Care Mall Rat Boy..

The Jan

Lisa said...

30 years and 9 months of fabulous, wonderful, extraordinary Donald :)

I love you.

Movie Queen said...

What a sweet post. I've totally fallen behind on your blog in my busy-ness, but one day I hope to go back and read the hilarity.

meohmyers said...

Awww, thanks for thinking of us moms who read your blog! So kind.

I just got caught up on your last couple of posts and I have to say for you to hold back in naming the nameless manager was pretty considerate of you! Although sounds like you could have gone with something like Ming Two, since Ming Won was already taken. :)

You and your moms banter back and forth crack me up. Love it!

Yasmine said...

I hope you know Jason (and Hunter of course) wrote the last comment, not me!

My Three Sons said...

What a nice post! You're right, Lisa is a trooper if she lived with hobos for 4 months...I can't stand those creepy things! But low rent is always enticing!! Also...did you know Death Cab has a new album coming out this week? I've heard it's REALLY good! Enjoy the sudden scorching heat this weekend :)