Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time for a Nova update!

I realized that it has been awhile since I did any updates about what is going on with my Nova. If you didn't even know that I had a Nova, you need to go back and read this post.

Since it has been pretty cold around here, I haven't been able to do as much as I would have liked to do, but when it is 30 degrees outside and your garage is barely making it past 55 degrees, there is only so much you can do. That is until my darling wife bought be a heater for the garage. In combination with adding a couple extra flood lights to the garage for both lighting and warmth, I am now up to about 60 degrees inside. And that has made a big difference in what I can do.

So what have I been doing you ask? Mostly I have been working on detailing. I went ahead gave the car a coat of polish to prep it for the wax. In case you didn't know, there is a difference between polish and wax for a car. If you really want to know, you can read about it here.

I also gave the inside dash and seats a good cleaning. And while the dash is still cracked pretty bad in a couple spots, it looks a lot better than it did when I first received the car. Since yesterday was a day full of sunshine, I pulled it out to take some pictures. I only wish that I would have taken some before pictures of the paint so you could see how much dirt was ground into the body. Oh well, at least I know how bad it really was.

Long side view of the Nova.

I love how it looks all shiny now.

I took of the hubcaps and gave them a quick polish job. I need to do it one more time and they will look even better.

I really like this shot, because the front end of this car is one of my favorite features. In fact, if you go back to my first Nova post you can compare the pics on there to the ones now. I think you will see a big difference. (At least I do!)

I would have loved to keep the old blue California plates on, but it wasn't working out.

The green interior has really grown on me. The photo doesn't do all the cleaning I have done to these seats justice.

As goes for the dashboard and speedometer cluster. The photo doesn't show how clean it looks. These were filthy and now look brand new! (Well, other than the cracks!)

In the next month or so I am going to be doing some serious cleaning in the engine compartment. The first local car show is in March I believe, and I want to have her all ready to go by then. From what I have heard from people who have seen my Nova, it sounds like it will do great in the Original category at the shows. Hopefully next month I will have some trophies to go along with her!


SuzanSayz said...

That's something that can always be said about you Donald, you aren't afraid to dream big.
Dad is really going to enjoy having you there at all those boring old car shows!

Kristen said...

Oh yeah, I can tell the difference! I bet even more so in person. The outside of the car looks like it got a brand new paint job! Beautiful work Donald!

David said...

does the nova still sputter and die a painful death when you turn it off?

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Lookin' great! Can't wait to hear how it does on the car show circuit!

Lisa said...

Oh, I bet that the Nova is so HAPPY to have you as its owner! She was neglected for years and is now treated like a queen. She looks lovely Donald.

I am so EXCITED for you to enter it into some car shows!!!!

KaTrina said...

It looks great! :) Are you planning on bringing it to Cool Desert Nights, too? ..When I worked at Clover Island we catered it, that's the only way I know the name of a car show, I promise you.

Stephanie said...

The nova looks great.
I must add as the daughter of a retired Ford employee it would be even nicer if it was a mustang or thunderbird. (now I won't be disinherited)

Brunch is even better when someone else does all the work. You are making it hard for you girls to find someone as great as their dad!
Keep up the great work.

Yasmine said...

I hope you win some trophies too! (Is it a voting thing? I'll vote for you!)

Brooke said...

I'm anxious to hear how she does at some car shows! What a great hobby... How thoughtful of Lisa to get you a garage heater! Great Nova update!

CARRIE H said...

I think it's pretty cool that you are getting into the car and showing thing. PS I think you've already one upped your Dad --your's is painted and nice and shinny! :) Sweet Nova dude! Carrie H

dani said...

she nova looked better:P

The Garden Maiden said...

Bench seats. I love bench seats! Snuggling with your honey as you are driving down the road.

I remember when bucket seats came out and everyone thought they were so COOL.

You can't snuzzle in a bucket seat! Leon put a pillow in his Camaro so I could sit between the buckets. What a guy!

Nice car Donald.

Anonymous said...

Don, you outta take that thing out to my dad! He could help you buff that paint job so you can see your reflection!

BTW-this is Dana

Alexandra said...

Good job on the nova daddy. it looks good and shiny. and you were rite to go back to the first own.

Alexandra said...

Good job on the nova daddy. it looks good and shiny. and you were rite to go back to the first own.