Monday, October 13, 2008

Who Needs to Lie About Obama When the Truth is Scarier?

Check out what Komrade Obama said to this guy during a campaign stop. I wish the lemmings who live in this country would stop drink their Obama-aid and actually start listening to what this moron is saying. He is nothing but a socialist. For all of our sakes, I hope people wake up and realize that NoBama is the way to go. Scary stuff my friends, scary stuff.

Oh and in case you didn't catch it at the end, Mr. Obama said "Spread the wealth around." Right now Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin are smiling somewhere in the after world.


libbie said...

Amen Amen AMEN! NOBAMA. I have my sticker displayed for all to see that I DO NOT in anyway support this Socialist Joke of a presidential candidate. And they say Sarah Palin isn't experienced enough to be VP. God Bless us all if "this one" is elected. Holy Crap. I didn't know there were so many people who just simply don't get it.

libbie said...

That should have said . . . "GOD HELP US ALL". . .

Kristen said...


Janice Head said...

Thank you for posting that clip. I had heard about it today on talk radio, but it has even more impact to hear it with my own ears.

Heidi said...

I'm sorry, but if you are making 250,000 a year or more I don't feel bad for you if you have to pay more taxes. AND you Donald and all of the other right wing lemmings will actually be saving almost 1000 dollars more a year in taxes with Obama's plan versus McCain. Why don't you all stop being such bleeding hearts for the rich. And I laugh when you talk about socialism. You send your daughter to a socialist organization every day, it's called public school. If you didn't notice, Pres. Bush just passed on of the largest socialist bailouts in history. If we were to rely on the republican idea of people being taken care of by private organizations, no one would be taken care of. Since republicans don't like to be taxed, why would they give there money away to anything else? I think it is social responsibility. It's just comes down to a simple case of the "haves" not giving a damn about the "have nots". So ya, if socialism means that a child that is hungry gets fed, or someone that is sick gets treated, and I am the one giving a small amount of my money to help them do it, I feel good. I guess you guys prefer a different kind of socialism. Republicans are notorious for supporting a faction of it known as social authoritarianism. In short laws against birth control and pro-segregation. Thing that they deem morally the governments business. So when you cry comrade I just think "wow mister pot, you just turned a darker shade of black."

SuzanSayz said...

Can't we all just get along?????

The Donald said...

Ahh, my socialist sister, I am so happy you visited my blog. Let me set you straight on a few things.

If you think for one second that Obama is just going to tax those making over 250 K a year, you have drank more NoBamaid than anyone else. I (as you know) make no where near that. But my taxes are still going to GO UP almost 3000 dollars a year. Do you want to know why??? Because dumb ass Marxist Obama is going to dump the Bush tax cuts. And that will effect ME! If we go back to the tax brackets under Clinton (Which is what will happen if that moron is elected) my profit margin drops.

And this bull crap about that shyster cutting 95 percent of Americans taxes??? ONLY 63 PERCENT OF AMERICANS EVEN PAY TAXES!!! And what happens when you give money to people who don't even have to pay? INCOME REDISTRIBUTION! (hmm...isn't that kinda what good ol Barry says in that video?)

So 1/3 of Americans pay NO income taxes, yet will get perhaps 1000 more back??? That is absurd.

Oh yes my dear sister, about the 250K thing. That is not just people who make that amount on their own. That counts small businesses too!!! Do you know that the majority of business in America is small business? Yup, its true. You can cry and moan about oil companies and wall st all you want, but this country is driven by SMALL businesses. And do you have any idea what that bird brain Obama's tax hike would do to those businesses? In the tough financial times we are in, it would hurt them greatly. But the witless followers of the "Chosen One" hate the rich so much, they don't care about that.

27 million small business owners would face an an average INCREASE of 4000 dollars per year. Mind you that is just an average.

Now lets go to that bail out. It was horrible. And yes Bush signed it, but it was pushed through by the dirty bastard democrats in the Senate and House. The same bastards who put us in this situation to begin with (You can use the talking point about Bush and the last 8 years all you want. But it doesn't make it true) Yes, it is Socialism, and it makes me sick to my stomach. It pisses me off that businesses were bailed out like that. They should have gotten what they deserved. Same with the dumb asses who bought houses they couldn't afford. Of course that is another problem caused my Clinton. I will talk about that later if you need to be educated on the subject. Dubya mad a horrible decision, one that will have the effects of it felt for generations. But don't for a second think that is a conservative thought, it is a dirty dem idea. We are going down the same path that FDR took us down. A path that kept this nation in a deep depression for 12 years.

And yes, my daughter goes to public school, as do many other conservative thinking parents' children do. If there was a good private school that I could put her into (and afford it) I would in a second. But with that being said I plan to fight where I can to get the best education for my children. These damn liberals who have hijacked school curriculum need to be challenged, and I will do my best.

And yes, I do not give a damn about a have not who is not willing to work to get in a better situation. Someone who sits on welfare and doesn't do a thing to help themselves gets what they deserve. Of course the liberal system that you seem to love with all of your heart is what causes that problem. All government programs for the poor do is make them dependant on them, with no incentive to get off of them.

Oh and Republicans are pro segregation huh? I seem to remember that it was democrats who were stopping segregation. George Wallace did everything he could to stop it (In case you don't know, he was a lib) LBJ passed desegregation reform with the help of republicans.

So if you want to vote for a Marxist who is friends with a terrorist who bombed his OWN country repeatedly, who has a Pastor that says G Damn America! Who gets a cheap house by being friends with the #1 slum lord of Chicago, then be my guest.

And when your name is replaced with a number, and you become a drone completely dependant on the government and can't do anything for yourself, you will only have yourself and the other lemmings who are voting for an unqualified nincompoop named Barrack Hussein Obama.

heidi said...

Let’s really talk about putting some things straight and I can do it without cursing.

You seem to be uniformed about what is happening in corporate America and in Washington DC. The Bush administration spearheaded the bailout not congress. His own cabinet went to congress to testify that they must enact a large scale bailout to save the banking industry of America. The bailout has been Bush’s plan from the beginning.
You seem to also be sadly misinformed about the depression of the 20’s and 30’s. It spanned for 10 years and began long before FDR even took office. As any modern economist worth his/her salt knows, it was caused by the bursting of an economic bubble and the failure of the American Federal Reserve system to enact proper policy, instead just standing idly by watching the U.S. economy crumble before them.
You also seem to share the same skewed view point of many on the far right that the have-nots are all non-working deadbeats. That is simple ignorance. Millions of Americans are part of the hard working, taxpaying citizenry and are also part of the have-nots. Cashiers, waitresses, teachers, and other low wage workers work very hard, but still come up short and need assistance. There should be checks and balances in place to avoid dependency on the system by deadbeats, but to cut at the cost of hard working Americans is wrong.
I never said that the dems were innocent, LBJ (Dem) did pass desegregation. And again, it is time for you to go back to the history books. Both Democrats and Republicans came together to pass deregulation. The main opposition was from, obviously, the south. 93% southern democrats voted against it. 100% southern republicans voted against it.
The rest of the comment is just far right spin machine spinning out of control. “Friend of a terrorist”, false. A mouthy pastor, dropped. “Cheap house, slum lord”, false.
I realize it can be difficult for people who sit so far on the right to view anything with clarity; everything is to your left. You think John McCain is a liberal because he is left of the far right and Obama is off in Marxist territory. I’m not a socialist and do not hate rich people. I am also not a liberal, conservative, or right wing isolationist. I am simply a moderate individual with an open mind about what might be best for my family and America and unwilling to turn over my mind and voting right to loudmouth fact spinning right wing nutjobs and liberal douchbag radio talk show hosts. So before you vote this fall and bad mouth people with different views than the media you listen to, check facts somewhere reputable (other than,,, etc.) and remember that both candidates are men who love their country and the people, they just have different views on how to get to the same outcome.
It’s late and I didn’t mean to start a fight. It just seemed that you could use another viewpoint besides “ditto”.
With love, your darling sister Heidi

SuzanSayz said...

Does everyone notice what smart articulate children I have?

Now both of you, GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!!

The Donald said...

Thanks for commenting back, but you are still seeing things in the wrong.

First off, there was not a depression in the 1920's. The stock market crash is what set it off in 1929.It was a period of false gorwth (much like today) and a breakdown of capitalism (again, much like today)Capitalism was not the problem socialism was. In fact many of the things that Obama wants to "try" have been done before in the 30's.

FDR was elected in 1932, and started the great experiment, a.k.a. the New Deal. Becuase of the New Deals' expanded government programs, American's were forced to be dependant on the government. The stock market would have its highs and lows, but it would never break out of its funk. Unemployment stayed up in the high teens to lower 20's. This did not change until WW2 rolled around. Men like Rex Tugwell, Daniel Lilienthal, Paul Douglas, and Marriner Eccles "experimented" with our country, and they were experiments that they first witnessed when they visited communist Russia in 1927. These men, who were FDR's right hand men, loved socialism, and wanted to bring it to America. FDR was more than happy to go along with it. If you indeed want to know what really happened, instead of the spin that is put on the depression by people who make FDR out to be some great guy (With one exception. Once WW2 came and our ecomony was advanced by the private sector, FDR was great in war time.)you need to read the book, "The Forgotten Man" by Aminty Shlaes.

And I do know that not everyone is a deadbeat. But what I do know is that there are a lot of the people who you mentioned who are struggling, yet still find the money to have cell phones, cable TV, high speed internet, and cars. Not to mention going out to eat, spending money on soda and beer, and playing the lottery I don't want to hear from someone who has all of life's luxeries, but then complains that they can't afford health care. Get a second job. Do something to make your life better, and do without those uneeded things. Last time I checked luxeries were not an American right. And teachers are low wage workers? C'mon now, they might be underpaid, but they are no where near low wage.

And no, they do not pay taxes. Come tax time, they get back all they pay in taxes and more. So liberals always talk about being fair. Would it be fair if Abbey got an A in science, but a girl in her class got an F, that they give each student a C? No, it would not be fair. Then why is it fair when it comes to finance? And to top it off, what about all the money that well off people donate? I would much rather give because I cared instead of giving because some government hack is telling me that I have too.

And there is no spin about Bill Ayers, Tony Resco, or Reverend Wright. If you think there is, then you have bought into democratic talking points. Obama launched his state Senate bid at Ayres' house. He served on an education board of a group that Ayres himeself set up. Tony Resco, who is now in trouble with the feds, made it so the Obama's could buy a house at a much lower price than the asking price. Even Obama admits that it happened, and that it was a bonehead move. And 20 years in a man's church and you didn't know anything about him? C'mon either you are very stupid, or very ignorant. Also, he only dropped him to save face. And it looks like you bought it hook line and sinker. If you judge someone by the company they keep, Obama, looks like a big loser.

Not that the man is even qualified to run for office. Sarah Palin has more experience than this man. She has had to run something, and make real decisions. The man was a senator less than 2 years when he started to run for President. Hillary Clinton put it best when she said all he has ever really done is give a speech at a convention. The man is all talk. All sizzle no steak. He is like the girl in 7th grade who wins the ASB election because she gave away the most candy. Any time an important decision was to be made, Obama would vote "present" The man has to ask others what he should do before he says what he is going to do. And then when he gets into a debate format, he lies about half of the things he really stands for. The man is downright scary.

I do look at different places to get opinions. I think you need to look at other places too instead of msnbc,, and the huffington post. Yes, those are very liberal places, but if you are going to stereotype, so will I.

You can think what you want, but you will be wrong. Obama is definately a socialist, probably a Marxist, and the wrong choice for this country.

And yes, you are right. The left has other solutions that they think will work, but the fact of the matter is that every time they have been tried throughout history, they have failed. No spin on that either. They have flat out failed.

I didn't view this as a fight, I viewed it as someone who doesn't get it. And since we both think that the other one is wrong, we will have to agree to disagree. Even if I am right and you are so wrong.

heidi said...

I don't look at sites for info. I've never even heard of those that you mentioned. I watch debates, look at the canidate's websites, and listen to the candidates them selves to decide for myself. I don't watch any news channels either, I refer to them as "what sucks today channels". I laugh at your defense of Palin. She is barely fit to be the Mayor of Seattle. You talk about experience, Bush has loads of it and look what he has done to our country. You can only study the past to improve the future. And if McCain is elected, it will be much of the same. And a teacher is low wage. I think 25-35 K is pretty low wage. We made well above that and still couldn't afford health insurance. We don't smoke, drink, play the lotto, or have cell phones. Jeff's work payed for our high speed internet. We would go on a date once a month. Are we losers because we can't afford it? You are also assuming that people spend money on other things instead of what is necessary. You don't know what people do and you can't judge what you don't know. I just think that a lot of conservative ideas on how people should be treated in this country are un-Christ-like. Can you honestly say you shouldn't care about the less fortunate? Leave them to their own devices? It's their fault they don't make enough. That just sounds selfish and elitist to me. In the church we have tithing, fast offerings, and a bishops store house. It's intent is to spread the wealth. So is it comrade Monson? Bottom line is I think you are wrong. You can spew inaccurate spin to me all you want and I see it for what it is. I disagree, and you are wrong. Come November, Obama will win, and you will see the economy in an upswing by the second year, I don't think you will have much to say after that. Well I'm sure you will, but nonetheless things will get better and I know who will make that possible.

The Donald said...

Heidi, you are doing the typical dem thing and going off on another thread. You are very uninformed if you think that teachers only make that much money. And I have gone to Obama's website. He spells out everything he wants to do, and like I just said, it have been done before. You can choose to believe it, or go back into your ignorant little hole. Obama style politics were tried in the 30's, and they almost destroyed this country. To you the government is ALWAYS the answer. To me the government is almost NEVER the answer. You look for hand outs, I believe in giving hand ups. I donate more time to needy people than you will ever know. I donate more money than you will ever know. And yes, study the past. See what the kind of marxist ideas that Obama has that have been tried before. They FAILED. The man is Mussolini reincarnated. And yes, he probably will win, and after he has destroyed our country, hopefully someone can step in and put back the peices. And by the way, I never said I like McCain. I would get into Palin, but your supposed open mind wouldn't want to hear it.

So I say good day to you sis, and keep on reading El Donaldo blogo. I will have another blog today for your reading enjoyment. Maybe one day the sheet will be removed from your eyes, but until then, I wish you luck