Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let the Fun Begin!

I don't believe it, it is here. March Madness. The National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball Tournament has its brackets drawn up, and this coming Thursday will mark the start of the most frenzied 2 weeks in all of sports. Now all I have to do is enter every single bracket challenge that I can find, and hope that my North Carolina Tar Heels, WSU Cougars, and Gonzaga Bulldogs make long runs. (Well, UNC and WSU could meet in the Sweet 16, so one of them won't go past that)
I am so glad that it is my Friday off of work this week! In fact, taking Thursday off to watch games doesn't sound like such a bad idea....


Jan said...

Glad you have it off too. doesn't sound bad at all Donald. I won't watch it, but do tell the results.
Love your wave background. Hang ten dude.

Lee said...

We are totally loving March Madness, but we are even more excited that next year we are going to be in the heart of it!