Friday, March 14, 2008

Weird news stories of the week; and Happy Birthday to our house!!!

One of the things I like to do when I am not doing anything at all is look at the odd news section on Yahoo! These stories seem like they should be in the Weekly World News, but somehow, they are actually true.

Kind of like this story I happened onto today. This one actually came from the Drudge Report, one of my favorite sources for news. In case you don't want to read the whole story, it goes something like this: Woman asks boyfriend if she can use the bathroom, woman decides that it is a nice bathroom, woman thinks that it would be scary to leave said bathroom, woman decides to move into the bathroom, and after TWO YEARS her butt skin grows onto the toilet seat. Her boyfriend, who will most likely get prosecuted for this, would bring her food and clothing, and said that other than the fact their relationship went on in his bathroom, it was a normal relationship. Funny, because it sounds just a little odd to me.

The next gem that I happened across today was this. Some 15 year old mensa was asleep at his desk, and the teacher woke him up. Of course, everyone knows that when a teacher wakes you up, there is only one thing to do: sue her pants off! I didn't realize that all the times Ms. Nash in 10th grade composition class woke me up, I could have received monetary damages. So all you slackers out there, remember the easiest way to riches is to snooze in school.

Here is a story that is a great read for anyone who would love to show up your local policeman, and not get in trouble for it. It seems that Jessie Vigil wanted to do something special for his son who loved the Transformer movie from last year. So he did was any loving father would do. He went out and bought a 2007 Ford Mustang, so he could decorate it to look like a cop car from the movie. The Iraqi vet states, "My intent was to re-create the movie car. When I came back from Iraq, I tried to spoil him. I wasn't the best dad before." I would say that Jessie is on his way to better dad territory.

Last but not least is this moving tale of a beekeeper's war with a rogue bear. It seems that this bear wanted a little of the honey goodness that this guy was enslaving bees to make. To drive the bear away, he rigged up a sound system blasting Ceca, a Serbian pop star. The only problem was that when the generator powering the music died, Yogi came back for a piece of the pic a nic basket...errr....honey. So the farmer took a page out of sleeping on your desk boy (as noted above) and sued the bear. Believe it or not, the case went to court, and he won! And since the bear had no true owner and belonged to a protected species, the court ordered the state to pay the 140,000 denars (1,726 pounds) damage it caused to the hives. Imagine what he could have gotten had the 9th circuit court of appeals here in the good ol' USA would have heard the case.

This is Ceca. The bear was afraid of her.

There you have it Real people. Real events. And a bear that lost in court.

One more thing. The Sorenson family has now lived at 5716 W 14th Ave for 3 years now! Read all about it here! Have a good weekend everyone!


Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

oh goodness!! Those are some random stories!!! hmmm...who could we sue to get some extra moolaaa???? :)

Jan said...

Funny stories Donald. I have officially added you to the guys list. Mitchell will be quite pleased to have company :-). Thanks really for the awesome comment the other day. I was just so thinking exactly what you were, but you summed up the thoughts so well. Have a great day The Donald as I will refer to you as.

Mitchellaus Copernicus said...

Don, great to find your blog. Even greater is, when I first came here, my favorite Pearl Jam song was playing and I turned it up really loud and blew out my speakers. So you owe me a set of speakers. Glad to hear from ya broseph.

Randy said...

Good news stories bro. Can't believe it's been 3 years you guys moved in there. We miss that 'hood

Courtney said...

hahahahaha. i LOVE weird stories like that! i heard about that bathroom one... i mean what was she THINKING?! two years in a bathroom?? how does your butt get stuck to a toilet seat?!

anyways, :] thanks for sharing... my dad told me this one too...

i guess this family was aware that they had a bee problem.. they could hear bees in their wall and they decided that they would probably just go away. it wasn't until honey starting seeping through their walls that they had someone come in to assess the damage. well?? they had over 1 million bees in their wall!!! and if there is enough honey to permeate a wall, can you imagine how much was inside?!

have a great sunday!