Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wow, I must be a real blogger now, I've been tagged!

So some Crazy Lady on Road 80 who I guess goes by the name of Jan (If that is indeed your REAL name) did the ABC's of tagging, and lucky me, I have been tagged. And since I decided to come to work and save my vacation time, instead of taking today off to watch the NCAA's, (which I got here, and there isn't anything going on) I will busy myself with this. Here goes.

A. Attached or Single? I am attached to my lovely wife Lisa

B. Best Friends? Other than the wife I mentioned above, I would have to say my friend Brad Butherus. And not just because he is building a house in my neighborhood, which is saving me a years worth of homeowners dues (about 560 bills) because I referred him here. We have been hanging out since 10th grade, and have had some great times.

C. Cake or Pie? Wow, I didn't realize that I would only be on letter "C" and would have to put serious thought into this. I would have to say cake. What is your favorite cake you might ask? German Chocolate. I have had a G.C. cake for my birthday every year since I was about 10. Pie is mighty fine too, and I am not against eating a piece...or three.

D. Day of Choice? I love it that I have every other Friday off. Nothing is better than having only a four day work week. Of course, on the week I work five days, I would have to say Saturday. It is funny how when I was younger, and was working 3 different jobs at the same time, and would sometimes work 13, 14 days in a row, and not think anything about it. Now 5 days seems like punishment for something I did on my 4 day week.

E. Essential item? Q-Tips. And not the brand name Q-tips, but the Target brand. It drives me insane when I get out of the shower or the pool, and I have water in my ears. I can't stand it! I used to think that only name brand was the way to go, until one time last year Lisa accidentally bought the Target kind. Needless to say I was pretty bummed out that I we had this 540 count box of inferior ear dryers, and I was going to have to use them for a while. And then I realized how much better they are. You know how Q-Tip likes to brag about how much cotton they have on the end? Well, that much cotton doesn't stay in place, and next thing you know, you are trying to dry your ears with a string of the stuff. But Target puts just the right amount on theirs. Try them and you will see what I am talking about.

F. Flavor of Ice Cream? I am a sherbet man myself. Rainbow. Raspberry. Lime. Lemon. Any sherbet will suffice. Kind of like pizza. Even when pizza is bad, it is still pretty good.

G. Gummy Bears or Worms? Did a 5 year old make this survey? I will take either. They go good with the above mentioned ice cream.

H. Hometown? The busting metropolis of Kennewick. I can get anywhere is 10 minutes or less. Can you?

I.Indulgences? Like mentioned in this post here, I LOVE three things in California. Disneyland, Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt, and In n Out. We can go down there for a week, and I will go to Golden Spoon enough times to fill up a punch card, and get a free serving. And the first meal I always eat after we land at John Wayne Airport is In n Out. I will get a double double (sometimes I single if I want to pace myself through the week.) with extra extra spread, fries well, and a coke to drink. Ah...that is living a good life.

J. January or July? Well, lets see, other than Lisa's birthday, all January brings is cold weather, dead grass, wet dogs, and dirt in my garage. So I am going with July. I love the hot weather, green grass, wet dogs, (yes I know I put that for January, but in July they can lay out in the yard, and dry up) and a clean garage.

K. Kids? Yes, I have three little girls, who unfortunately will grow up into 3 big girls. Hopefully, they won't hate their old man too much. One little side note about girls. A friend once told me that when you have a boy, you only have that boy to worry about. You make sure he is not too much of a moron. But when you have girls, you have to worry about ALL the boys. At least I have a few more years to dig the deep graves in a couple forested areas. Those not thought out shallow graves never seen to work out too well, so I am planning ahead. :o)

L. Last movie I saw in Theatre? It was Ratatouille. Good pixar flick, but not their best effort. At least it was better than Cars.

M. Marriage Date? August 19, 2000. I have it so easy. My birthday is the 5th, and I just have to remember that two weeks after my birthday I was hitched. And since it was in 2000, it is easy to remember how many years. But I am a good rememberer of numbers anyways, so I don't really need that crutch. Oh yes, we had a Cinderella wedding at the Moore Mansion, and months later it burned down. Lisa needs to write a blog about that. We were sealed on August 24 the next year in Seattle.

N. Number of siblings? 4, two boys, two girls with me being the oldest and wisest. There is Heidi-29, Kelly-26, Shawn-21, and Courtney-20.

O. Orange or Apples? Not trying to steal from Jan's answers, but Apples to Apples rocks! We play whenever our family gets together. But to eat I would have to say apples. Less work to eat them.

P. Phobias or Fears? Carnies. Oh wait, that is what Austin Powers is afraid of. I would have to say having one of my kids die. That would really suck eggs.

Q. Quote? Since I just did a quote post, I looked at some great quotes. The one that I really enjoyed was from the comedian Demetri Martin, who I had never heard of before I looked for quotes a couple days ago. Here it is. "A dreamcatcher works, if your dream is to be gay. " I can't stand those dreamcatchers, and when I saw this, it made me laugh.

R. Reason to smile? Because I have a great wife, great kids, great job, great place to live. Life is good. I can't complain about much. Well...there are the freaks who think man made global warming is real, and not having a true Conservative candidate to vote for, but I will not let that hold me back.

S. Season? I love the late spring/summer time frame. I love to do yard work, and to wash/wax my car. So much in fact I detail cars for people for a little extra pocket change. And there is nothing better than going out with the family to the water park by the Kennewick Library, and just hang out in the warmth of the sun. I am so jonesing for summer to come!

T. Tag 4. Are you kidding me? I don't know if I can come up with 4 bloggers who either would A. Want to do this, or B. Haven't done it already. Well, here goes. I will tag Randall Curtis, Mike Brinkerhoff, (who had a name that tune contest that I won this week) my Wife, and my cousin Mitch Mathews. After all, Mitch hasn't done any blogging for over a week. He is due.

U. Unknown fact about me? Lisa covered a lot of them on her post about me, but she didn't cover all of them. I have a sister that my Mom had when she was a junior in High School, that she gave up for adoption. I have never met her, have no idea where she is, and if she even knows that she was adopted. After all, it was 1975, and back then I don't think they were as open about it as they are now.

V. Vegetarian or oppressor of Animals? Oh I oppress animals like no ones business. I don't discriminate either. Cow, pig, goat, (my friend's family would have a party, and would get a goat. One day Mr. Goat was there, the next day he was gone, and they had a boat load of meat to BBQ.) chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp, lobster. You name it, I will eat it. I do like veggies though....on the side of my meat of course.

W. Worst Habit? This is a tough one. It is a toss up between being punctual, and speaking over people. I can never seem to find the right place to butt into a conversation, I always think that it is my turn, and start running my mouth right over the top of someone. My kindergarten teacher put it best when she said, "Another kid can have a fish story, and Donald will have 10 fish stories that he has to tell." It now makes sense to you that I turned this simple survey into a novel doesn't it?

X. X-rays or Ultrasounds? I am well acquainted with x-ray machines from my youth, but those 4-d ultrasounds that you are able to tell if your baby has brown or yellow hair are amazing.

Y. Your favorite food? See the answer to the letter "I" that pretty much covers it.

Z. Zodiac? I am a Leo. I have no clue what it means, but that is what I am.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the ABC's of me. I hope that it was a good for you as it was for me. If you are still reading at this point, thanks for sticking it out.



Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Great answers! But I think the system is somewhat flawed - I think you need to tag your 4 new tagees right up front so we don't read your answers first. Because the answers for U,V,W,X,Y and Z all had me saying "Oh, my answer's JUST like that!"

But I'll do it.

Oh, and your prize was mailed yesterday, you should have it today - tomorrow at the latest!

Jan said...

See men are really good at these tags. They bring a new bunch of answers that are fun to read. The Q-tip thing about knocked me over. But you convinced me to try Target. I love the German Chocolate cake thing. I use to have that as a kid every year too. I use to live on road 34 until we moved to 80, and we watched the Moore Mansion burn to the ground. We lived right by it. So sad there. And I agree about the no conservative to vote for. Just bums me to no end. Great answers and thanks for playing.

Yasmine said...

I stuck it out. For you. I love you man.

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said... husband.....aren't I lucky!?!?!?!
Donald you are fabulous. And even though I knew what your answer would be to every one of these questions, it was still fun to read.
I love the fact that I DO know all these things about you.
By the way, I love the new phone ring....perfect, cheerful, relaxing....good choice.