Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lazy dog days of blogging

I have several different things that I want to blog about, but sitting outside and enjoying the last real month of summer is a lot more fun.  I mean, c’mon, where would you rather be?  In a pool cooling off, or in front of a computer screen writing blogs?  I plan on getting back on track next week.  I think I will look up some Karl Marx quotes so you mindless brain stems out there who are thinking of voting for Mr. Barrack Hussein Jimmy Obama-Carter can see how similar these two men are.  I could make a game out of it…the title could be something along the lines of “Original Communist or Democratic Nominee?”  But until then, enjoy the video.


Lisa said... the title for your game. Can't wait to play. Love you.

SuzanSayz said...

Donald, how much time do you spend each week looking for just the right video?

The Yancey Family said...

This was so funny to me because Brett just bought a gun and was showing me how to use it just yesterday. I was doing everything wrong, but at least he didn't pull this stunt on me! I probably would've ended up shooting him!

Yasmine said...

That's a HILARIOUS video. Jason will never be able to pull that on me though because the minute I touched his gun I got weirded out and handed it right back!

Looking forward to those quotes!

Lisa said...

Donald- a huge favor...PLEaSE call bro Pratt and tell him that we will have another congregational hymn this week. He likes to print up the program on tues or wed, so please call him soon. Tell him that we can sing 'Where can I turn for Peace' I think that it's hymn number 129...can you look in my hymnal and check for sure? Thanks Donald. Happy anniversary. The cell phone is still in the car....I am going to go get it soon. Elisabeth is in room 351 if you call. Love you.